Sympathetic Magic

A 92-page paperback poetry collection
by Brian Fewster,
published on January 31 2008
by Poor Tom's Press,

Price 6.00 plus 40p p&p (within UK).
Bookseller's discount available.

ISBN 978-0-9543-3715-5.

Brian Fewster lives in Leicester and has worked
as a teacher and computer programmer.
He was a Green Party candidate for the East Midlands
in the 2004 European election.

His poetry has won several prizes
and been published in Poetry Review, Staple, Envoi,
Poetry Nottingham
and elsewhere.

What critics and readers say about Sympathetic Magic



Torres Strait, Australia, 1877 (Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford);
used in initiation and funerary ceremonies

Turtle shell
cleaned and scoured
cut to a lattice,
feathers incised
along horizontals.

Two white ovals
with pigment pupils
between which dangles
a cartoon handle
of a nose.

This mask
is rife with mouth.
A gap-grin curls
up to its ears.
Further south
a prim oval's
feathered teeth
reprise the eyes.

On the pendulum neck
a crescent arc
or boat or torque
grins like a shark.
It rattles and clacks
with nutshell-strings
to summon up
........ sub-
........ liminal things.

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