What they say about
Sympathetic Magic
a 92-page poetry collection by Brian Fewster (Poor Tom's Press, ISBN 978-0-9543-3715-5)
published January 2008 and available from bookshops and the internet,
as well as directly from Poor Tom's Press, 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester LE3 1AY
for 6.00 plus 60p p&p (within UK)

  • Brian Fewster's substantial collection, bearing a mask from the Torres Strait on its cover, is long overdue but worth the waiting for....For this rationalist is a magician too. (David Bircumshaw, author of The Animal Subsides [Arrowhead 2004], writing in Stanza)
  • This collection shows that serious poetry can be clearly written and enjoyable. (Peter Day in Poetry Nottingham)
  • The form and content find each other as if by the sympathetic magic of the title, and that's a rare gift. They are a pleasure to read. (D A Prince, author of Nearly the Happy Hour [Happenstance 2008])
  • This latest collection seems to me at least as good as its predecessor, if not even better. The poems are very assured and remarkably varied; whatever the theme, the result is convincing and often moving. (Andrew Finch)

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