Poor Tom's Revenge
a 36-page poetry pamphlet by Brian Fewster published 2002 by Poor Tom's Press,
price 3.00 plus 40p p&p (within UK), ISBN 0-9543371-0-7

Poor Tom's Revenge includes Time Out, described by New Hope International as "showing that almost supernatural clarity of words which, like some of Coleridge's poems, comes almost ready-made from the subconscious".

Brian Fewster's poetry has won several prizes and has been published in Poetry Review, Staple, Envoi, Orbis, The Frogmore Papers, The Critical Survey, Resurgence, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry from Leicestershire, Poetry Monthly, English in Education, The Interpreter's House and elsewhere. This is his first collection.

Born in Nottingham, he lives in Leicester and commutes to London, where he works in IT.

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