A New Way with Time

a 36-page poetry pamphlet by the late Jimmy Crighton published in 2003 by Poor Tom's Press,
price 3.00 plus 40p p&p (within UK), ISBN 0-9543371-1-5

Some of these poems pay homage to the dead, others attempt to come to terms with the author's own impending mortality. Some are informed with a fierce political indignation. Some are in the dialect of his native Dundee.

In the words of New Hope International: "Critics will have missed out on recognition of Jimmy as a fine poet of feeling, as apparently he published nothing in his lifetime save poems in two magazines. This collection should redress the balance."

What critics, poets and readers have said about A New Way with Time

The Lovers

Ours was the only morgue for miles around
so they were brought to us. recently dead,
a pair of lovers, past their first youth,
drowned in the dark swirlings of the bay.
The skins that once had been touched and tasted,
blotched now with livid stains,
were tasted and touched no more;
limbs uncaressed had stiffened
in absence of comforting.

Their spouses came to identify,
left together, heads sunk
in a pool of darkness,
not speaking.

Now they lie side by side,
the lovers, on white porcelain
twin slabs, through a last night.
As I lock up, I hope that they'd made love
in the afternoon before that final swim.

Our tests may show.

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