What they say about
Poor Tom's Revenge
36-page poetry pamphlet by Brian Fewster (ISBN 0-9543371-0-7)
published November 2002 and available for 3.00 plus 40p p&p (within UK) from
Poor Tom's Press, 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester LE3 1AY

  • Fewster...is a master of form....Great stuff! (Frances Thompson in The Journal)
  • Repellant, amoral (Rob Withers in Envoi)
  • Fewster's particular strength is his ability to move from the concrete to the metaphysical, creating deeper resonance and insight out of everyday events (Gemma Bristow in an online review, New Hope International)
  • Some of the rhymes and rhythms got up my nose, but I liked "Auden - this lank-haired, pasty-faced busker" and "the younger generation's gone to pot" (Purple Patch)
  • These are crafted poems but often surprising and not (as often rhyming poetry can be) at all contrived. Hold them to your ear for pleasure as sometimes old-fashioned pocket watches can be comforting and enjoyable just to listen to (Lachlan Robertson in Pulsar)
  • Wholly evocative in its reading, some of Brian Fewster's collection of poems are disturbing, others lift the spirits. Phrases such as "All hearts hammer tickertape time" flow easily and with great satisfaction. Personal favourites of the reviewer are "Tickertape", "Time Out" and the "Seven Deadly Sins" tract. A confident collection. (Inclement, Spring '03)
  • Still left me wanting more...wonderful list...great last line... [Les Merton in Black Rose, Summer '03]
  • This is a very intense collection by someone with many points to make. I particularly liked the cod-Chaucer with its even more tongue-in-cheek 'transcription'. (Krax)
  • These poems...observe the world coolly and objectively in apparently effortless rhyming. They read as though they emerged fully formed on the page, with no straining for effect, no forcing of rhyme, and not a syllable out of place. (D A Prince in Links, Oct '03)
  • I had not counted on enjoying so many of them...worth re-reading many times and studying at leisure. I like the variety, or rather the combination of ingenuity, imagery, irony, humour - and rage. I'm truly impressed. [Andrew Finch]
  • I much enjoyed your writing.... nice to meet someone with that feeling for disciplined and crafted writing that makes no excuses for having an agenda. (Alastair McLachlan, Live Poets Society)
  • The poetry is stunning. (W. J Simpson, Cambridge University Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English, Editor of "9 West Rd", the Cambridge English Faculty newsletter)
  • Your "Seven Deadly Sins" sequence offers as effective satire as anything I've come across in modern verse in English....But "Mineshaft" comes across to me as the best poem in the collection. The debt to the Metaphysical poets is strongest here. You have achieved, in several individual lines, their (particularly Donne's) ability to be so eloquent that they 'work' as poetry despite an oblique complexity of 'meaning'. I gather that the poem is dealing with an experience between two people (lovers?) of so fundamental a nature, so involved with raw experience outside reason, as to defy expression. That this should be successfully accomplished within the mould of strict rhyme and measure is a notable achievement. (Norman Buller)
  • Radical poetry, stirring and well shaken with a modest twist of humour. (Bernice Lewis)

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