Pork pies and smoky bacon

The only specifically local achievements listed in a recent Labour Party European election leaflet under the heading LABOUR'S ACHIEVEMENTS IN LEICESTERSHIRE consist of standing up for Melton Mowbray pork pies and protecting Walker's smoky bacon crisps.

Is this the best they can boast of after five years?

Wondering what smoky bacon crisps needed protection against, I went to a Labour Party website and found, in their words, that "the smoking process is being checked out by the European Food Safety Authority, following concerns about potential health hazards". Did Labour MEPs vote against stricter food safety standards? Either way it doesn't sound like much of an achievement.

If I'm elected to the European Parliament, I can promise that protecting future generations against global warming will be a lot higher up my list of priorities than protecting food additives against safety regulations.

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Published and promoted by Brian Fewster on behalf of the Green Party and himself as candidate at 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester LE3 1AY.