A New Way with Time
reviewed by Lachlan Robertson in Pulsar 2/04(38)
ISSN 1361-2336

A New Way with Time, poems by Jimmy Crighton. An A5 size stapled booklet with a 2-colour cover. Published in November of year 2003 by: Poor Tom's Press, 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester, LE3 lAY. ISBN 0-9543371-1-5, price 3.00..

When someone has lived for a long time and collected many and various experiences along the way, it forms a rich seam from which to mine poetry. In fact, I have been grateful for being a late starter... think of all the inane, ill-formed and embarrassing rubbish I could have been producing for the first 39 years of life? Some might say that I should have waited longer. Jimmy Crighton waited until he retired before writing his poetry and this booklet reflects upon that life with deep maturity. With regret I have to say that this is a posthumous collection. I loved every one of the poems within it, but I will quote only from the last: "There are no poems left/ that are not poems of love/...Save my poems -/ they are all you will have of me." A poignant and affecting collection that I would hope to match at the end too.

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