Poor Tom's Revenge
reviewed by Lachlan Robertson in Pulsar 1/03 (33)
ISSN 1361-2336

Poor Tom's Revenge, poems by Brian Fewster. An A5 size, 36 page, stapled booklet with a full colour cover. Published in November of year 2002 by: Poor Tom's Press, 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester, LE3 lAY. Price 3.00. ISBN 0-9543371-0-7.

tick...tick...tick. If you consider this booklet as an intricate pocket watch fashioned from meticulous metal you have the idea of it. Beautifully fashioned metre and rhythm encapsulates fine workmanship on the subjects of death, marriage, love, poverty, literary references and people watching. "The Committee" is a poem I laughed out loud to, recognising the people therein from my own experience; "It isn't hard to eavesdrop on their deliberation / where measured praise is condiment / to overall damnation." tick...tick...tick. These are crafted poems but often surprising and not (as often rhyming poetry can be) at all contrived. Hold them to your ear for pleasure as sometimes old-fashioned pocket watches can be comforting and enjoyable just to listen to.

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