A New Way with Time
reviewed by Brent Hodgson in Lallans ( "the journal o Scots airts an letters") 65, 122
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A New Way with Time, Jimmy Crighton. Poor Tom's Press, Leicester, 2003, 36pp., 3.00.

Jimmy cam fae Dundee an went tae St. Andra's Univairsitie. He wes in India wi the airmie whan he became acquant wi the thochts o Gandhi. Back hame, he gied the studie o languages a miss an taen up medicine. Syne, thare wes wark in hospitals an as a G.P. On retirement, he did mair studie an wun til a Ph.D.

Sae he wes a learit man, but no wan wi his heid in the cloods. His defineition o hooghmagandie, seen in the form o a haiku, is a hoot. In keepin wi whit A jalouse wes his eident approach tae the warld o the ordinar readar, the'r a want o hie-falutin wurds in his poems, an thai ir nane the waur o that! Fae 'Granda':

Ma grandfaither beydit up the Hilitoon,
through a pend o blackened stanes
an' up twa flights o bendie stairs...
Wha haes mind o the Lascar? Sik a man, an his fellaes, pleyed a pairt in feedin the graith o ae Scottish industrie. Fae the pom 'Exile':
...along a hostile shore,
an alien harbour.
Jute had brought him to this,
and the necessities of empire.
Wha amang us haes wrutten a poem o the day Celtic went tae play fitba in Leicester, an the Bhoys war thrang in yon toun? Jimmy did. It is a gryte peety he is nae langer writin his poetrie. Eftir he tholit cancer for seeven year, Jimmy went tae the hill' - as fowk o Cheena yuist tae say in days o yesteryear.

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