Poor Tom's Revenge reviewed in Krax Magazine
c/o 63 Dixon Lane, Leeds, YORKSHIRE. LS12 4RR

Poor Tom's Revenge - Brian Fewster (Poor Tom's Press, 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester, LE3 lAY) 3.00

This is a very intense collection by someone with many points to make. I particularly liked the cod-Chaucer with its even more tongue-in-cheek 'transcription'. The title poem, being based on the Tom o' Bedlam ballad, is equally lyrical, and if you wanted to you could sing it along to the tune (I've only got the Bluehorses' 'Mad Tom' version for comparison) - again this is a tongue-in-cheek update. Lots of work gone into this and it makes for intriguing perusal. For me, though, it lacks that one memorable outstanding item that could be its selling point.

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