Oh why the ripple down the road,
the ululating cry
that vehicles in lapse of haste
huddle to let go by,
oh why oh why oh why?

Oh who is all the panic for,
the fierce pulsating blue
that wills a windowless white box
imperiously through,
oh who oh who oh who?

Oh where is this wild panoply
transporting one in there?
out of the unpredictable
undemarcated air,
oh where oh where oh where?

Away from time and tenderness
and teacups on a tray,
the improvised extravagance
of each recovered day,
away away away...

O you that stand irresolute,
uncertain what to do
with this black-bordered envelope
or whom to post it to:
o you o you o you...


© Brian Fewster,
Published in The Interpreter's House 10, 1999

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