Ballade of Intuitive Statesmanship

A policy's considered sound
that with insouciant Úlan
juggles the dollar and the pound.
A year ahead's the most we plan.

At rendezvous of shit and fan
with any luck we'll be elsewhere
and crossing bridges one by one
seems like a sensible idea.

Veterans of the game have found
it pays where proletarian
and bourgeois moralists abound
to play the strict Victorian;

but don't be over-puritan
if spreading palm and bending ear
on sinner and on publican
seems like a sensible idea.

So foot it featly on the ground,
and wave away utopian
dreams of dispersing wealth around
beyond this elegant pavane.

Those of another class or clan
deserve suspicion, scorn and fear:
Man's inhumanity to man
Seems like a sensible idea.


Prince, while the world's attention span
keeps on contracting year by year,
to get away with what we can
seems like a sensible idea.


© Brian Fewster,
Published in Staple 41, Spring 1998

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