Arms and the Man

It gives me pleasure, underneath
this heading, to present a prize

to you, Sir Worldly Wisdom-Teeth,
for Services to Enterprise

You've often praised the soldier's creed
because of its ability

to crush the forces that impede
political stability.

In global commerce you maintain
the scope of Mephistopheles

and feed directly from the vein
as sweetly as anopheles

until replete with interest,
in your black BMW

encapsulated and caressed.
No doubts or debits trouble you

but (though compassion's not what you'd
invest your reputation in)

you're sometimes in the giving mood,
and send a small donation in.

The damaged and untimely dead
you keep the windows shuttered on

while grafting for your daily bread.
    You know which side it's buttered on.


© Brian Fewster,
Published in Poetry From The Spinning Room, 1999

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