The East Midlands Green list in full

Brian Fewster 1. Brian Fewster (Leicester)
Brian Fewster has a Cambridge MA in English Literature and a De Montfort University MSc in Computing. He has worked as a teacher and is now a technical author and data analyst. He is also a poet whose work has won prizes and been widely published in magazines. He has been campaigning on green and development issues since the 1970s. He joined the Green Party (the Ecology Party as it then was) in 1979 and has been continuously active in it for 25 years. He was a European candidate for the East Midlands in 1999, and a candidate for the UK Parliament in 1983 (Harborough), 1987 (Leicester South) and 1992 (Bosworth). He has also stood in local elections.

Sue Blount 2. Councillor Sue Blount (Notts)
Sue Blount is a teacher and Green Party Borough councillor for the Lady Bay ward, Rushcliffe. Sue has been active in the green movement for many years. In 1989 she achieved 18% of the vote in the European elections and would have been elected as a Green MEP under the proportional voting system we have now. Sue has been very active in the local community, acting as secretary of Lady Bay Community Association since 1987. She is mother of two children, Lizzie (18) and Alice (14). Sue has stood in Rushcliffe Borough Council elections since 1984 and in European elections since 1989. She was elected as member for Lady Bay ward to Rushcliffe Borough Council in May 2003.

Bob Ball 3. Bob Ball (Leicester)
Bob Ball is one of the best-known figures in the Green Party in Leicester. A voluntary worker, Bob is also the co-ordinator of his region's "No" campaign against water fluoridation. Other campaigns and key issues include campaigning against the expansion of Nottingham Airport, against mobile phone masts, against Post Office closures and for waste reduction and protecting green spaces. Bob missed by a whisker in getting elected in the May 2003 City Council elections, when a tie was decided by drawing lots.

Simon Anthony 4. Simon Anthony (Notts)
Simon has been a green activist for several decades and has stood in local elections on many occasions. He was the Parliamentary candidate for Rushcliffe in the 1992 General Elections. He is particularly interested in climate change, globalisation and green technology. Currently he works as a contractor in the computing industry. Simon's professional work involves Internet software, working on websites and the browser software that displays them. He was previously a Special Needs lecturer in Nottingham and for eight years also taught general computing skills to children and adults. During that time Simon wrote many articles for high street computing magazines. Before that he worked for ten years as a Television broadcast engineer for the BBC in London and then for two years at Central TV at their Lenton Lane studios in Nottingham. His fiancée is a survivor from Iran's regime changes of the 1970s and 80s. She is also a Green, working in Social Development in Sydney New South Wales. She will soon be emigrating so that they can live together in Nottingham near his two children.

Paul Bodenham 5. Paul Bodenham (Notts)
Paul Bodenham lives with his partner at Langar near Nottingham, and has worked in a policy-making environment since 1990, initially in local government and now for the Government's rural advisor the Countryside Agency, advising organisations in the East Midlands on a wide range of issues affecting rural areas, including affordable housing, social enterprise, economic strategy, community planning processes and policy appraisal methodologies. He has also been active for many years in voluntary initiatives. As a board member of Newbury YMCA he helped to establish a 24-bed Foyer project, which aims to give vulnerable and homeless young people a start in life, and "The Edge", a government-funded advice service for young people at risk from drugs. Realising that climate change is the most urgent and complex crisis facing the world today, he developed Operation Noah, an ambitious campaign now sponsored by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Operation Noah aims to build a mandate for the UK government to lead international negotiations to avert dangerous climate change, and ensure fair shares for the poor in a cleaner world economy.

John Chadwick 6. John Chadwick (Lincs)
John Chadwick is a qualified engineer now running own small business. His wife Pauline is a local government officer. John is a former Labour Party county and district councillor. He held several chairs of council committees and was group leader for several years. He left Labour in 1997 recognising that Tony Blair was turning Labour into a right-of-centre party. He joined the Greens in 2001, and established a new local Green Party in Grantham. He is currently East Midlands Green Party co-ordinator and representative to the Green Party Regional Council. John is a member of various conservation bodies and a warden of a wildlife reserve. He campaigned for the restoration of the Grantham Canal and was instrumental in getting seven miles of canal opened with the restoration of an old road bridge. He is a professional speedway rider and is interested in wildlife conservation, industrial archaeology and foreign travel. His sporting pursuits include skiing, cycling, canoeing and badminton. John's campaign priorities include rejection of the single currency, opposition to the transport of live animals, and renegotiation of farm subsidies to encourage support for local home-grown produce.

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Published and promoted by Brian Fewster on behalf of the Green Party and himself as candidate at 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester LE3 1AY.