Stop subsidising the arms trade
Letter to the Buxton Advertiser

Molly Selden and her colleagues in the Derbyshire Peace Delegation deserve to be congratulated on their campaign to get the Council to increase the pitifully small percentage of its investment that is ethical (Postbag, April 8). But even if the Council decided to invest 100% ethically, it would not mean the end of the arms trade, which is heavily subsidised by the taxpayer.

Over 400m a year goes to support arms exports, a trade that fuels conflict, especially in poorer countries that can ill afford basic public services. The money wasted on this subsidy could have been spent on hospitals and schools - and during the 1980s Saddam Hussein was one of the beneficiaries.

The Defence Export Sales Organisation should be closed down. Guns kill more people than illicit drugs, yet drug pushers go to prison while arms traders receive knighthoods.

Brian Fewster
Green Party East Midlands European Election candidate

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