Ten Reasons to vote Green
  1. The major parties have become too alike in their economic prescriptions.
  2. Politics that is more about brand-differentiation than about basic philosophy is an insult to the public's intelligence.
  3. Politicians who mouth slogans about national sovereignty have nevertheless shown every willingness to cede effective British sovereignty to a reckless and dangerously right-wing American government.
  4. We have been led to war on a prospectus based on false intelligence and outright lies.
  5. The threat of terrorism is being used worldwide to undermine civil liberties.
  6. Yet the chaos in Iraq has incited potential terrorists and created a fruitful arena for their activities.
  7. Scientists have warned that the danger of global warming and other ecological disaster requires an immediate programme of action aimed at halving fossil fuel consumption and then more than halving it again during this half-century. The reaction of the world's leaders to this has been contemptuous or utterly inadequate.
  8. We are in danger of reaching a situation where large companies have more power than elected governments - yet governments are busily handing over still more power to them.
  9. Parts of the economy best kept under public control were privatised through dogma and remain so through cowardice.
  10. Economic growth and free trade are not the be-all and end-all of politics.
East Midland Green Party candidates believe that this election will be an opportunity to change the political landscape towards something more acceptable to those who have an active interest in peace, democracy, the environment, human and animal rights, third world and domestic poverty, safe food, sustainable transport and indeed the whole spectrum of humane and progressive causes.

Two more reasons to vote Green:

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Published and promoted by Brian Fewster on behalf of the Green Party and himself as candidate at 89a Winchester Avenue, Leicester LE3 1AY.